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1001 Days, 101 Goals
Lord knows how many entries
17th-Mar-2008 10:30 pm - Revised List
START DATE: 17 March 2008
END DATE: 13 December 2010

EDUCATIONAL (short term)
1 Attend all classes for one term (allowances made for sickness/travel)
2 Attend all exams for one term
3 Do at least 75% of assignments for one term
4 Attain 3.5 GPA for one term
5 Get tested for ADD/ADHD

EDUCATIONAL (long term)
6 Apply to Johns Hopkins undergrad
7 Get into Johns Hopkins undergrad
8 Maintain 3.75 GPA throughout undergrad
9 Retake SATs and APs
10 Take the MCATs

11 Pick one new food to try every month for a year
12 Learn at least 5 new juggling tricks
13 Pick 5 cities to visit
14 Get at least 2 new passport stamps
15 Learn at least 5 parlour tricks

16 Do at least 10 pushups per day for 90 days
17 Do at least 10 situps per day for 90 days
18 Work up to 100 pushups straight (military count)
19 Work up to 100 situps straight (military count)
20 Regain ability to run 3 miles straight

21 Buy at least one summer suit and one winter suit
22 Slowly evolve wardrobe from "cute little boy" to "cute college twink"
23 Buy a tux, a pair of running shoes, and a good dress watch
24 Knit a sweater
25 Get a good Sam coat

26 Create a transition scrapbook
27 Change name on all important documents
28 Change gender to male on ID and SS
29 Get top
30 Take at least one picture per month to document transition

31 Do at least one Day in My Life per month
32 Re-tag entries on all of my journals
33 Do Project 365 and document it on site and in scrapbook
34 Update each portion of site at least once per month
35 Send at least 5 PostCrossing.com postcards per month

36 Take pictures of every item accomplished (when possible)
37 Combine pictures into a Mission 101 scrapbook (volume 1?)
38 Update LJ/site at least once a month with current status
39 Write entry in LJ/site with the completion of each item
40 Put completed scrapbook and LJ print-outs into time capsule until end of another 1001 days (09 September 2013)

41 Get into habit of taking all vitamins and supplements (completed = 90 days)
42 Get into habit of washing face twice a day (completed = 90 days)
43 Get into habit of brushing teeth twice a day (completed = 90 days)
44 Get into habit of drinking at least 12oz of water per day (completed = 90 days)
45 Get into habit of doing T shot within 3 days of requirement (completed = 90 days)

46 Cook at least once a week
47 Cut back fast food intake over time
48 Learn to make mum's rice
49 Learn to make bread
50 Compose a list of top 20 recipes (preferably involving a vegetable of some sort) that Kasey will eat

51 Collect and re-read the entire Animorphs series
52 Collect every Westlife CD and DVD ever released
53 Find a transmale book I don't hate
54 Read at least 10 Newberry Award winning books
55 Find a good GLBT friendly children's health/reproduction book

56 Finish the trans novel
57 Rewrite the kids book
58 Attempt to have book published
59 Participate in NaNoWriMo
60 Finish NaNoWriMo

61 Release at least 5 books
62 Post at least 5 bills a month on WheresGeorge.com
63 Release a message in a bottle
64 Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
65 Make a time capsule

66 Pay off credit cards again
67 Save $1001. If list completed spend on something fun, if not give to charity (allowances made for major life events)
68 Save at least $50 per month
69 Donate $20 to chairty for every item not completed
70 Start paying off interest on student loan(s)

71 Take a voice lesson
72 Learn to read music
73 Learn to play piano
74 Re-learn guitar
75 Learn to play at least 5 favourite songs on piano (bonus for learning on guitar as well)

76 Buy and watch the season DVDs of OTH, Veronica Mars, and Roswell
77 Find at least 10 GT films I can watch for more than just the hot guys and porn
78 Buy said 10 films on DVD
79 Go see 5 movies when they're actually at the cinema
80 Buy a new Newsies DVD

81 Buy something off a random person's Amazon list
82 Participate in Amazon Secret Santa if it ever comes back
83 Don't yell at my idiot of a sister when I really want to
84 Buy a gay kid some lube
85 Donate something to charity

86 Buy a new laptop when Sims 3 comes out
87 Reach Gen. 25 with the Windsor/Pride family and document it on site
88 Go to Santa Cruz
89 Go camping
90 Make a snow angel

91 Make at least 5 new shirts in colours I adore/can't find
92 Make a suit
93 Make two quilts (one for me, one for Aria)
94 Make my coat since my size apparently doesn't exist for anything other than puffy jackets
95 Crochet an afghan (bigger than throw size)

96 Keep up with scrapbooking
97 Get all kitchen/apartment stuff on giant ass list
98 Get a kitty
99 See Billy Elliot on Broadway and the West End
100 See Wicked on Broadway

101 Wash, rinse, repeat
14th-Jan-2008 08:28 pm - Completed and In Progress
Start Date: 02 Jan 2007
End Date: 29 Sep 2009

046: Spend a month in London [26 October 2008]
067: Post the next $ bill I have on WheresGeorge.com [14 January 2008]
095: Build a snowman [01 January 2008]

In Progress:
004: Get at least 2 new passport stamps
- France (Spring Break '08)
- Ireland (Spring Break '08)
- Not including UK because I had that on my old passport
003: Pick 5 cities to visit (02/05)
- Washington, DC (August '07)
- New York City (September '07)
- Paris (Spring Break '08)
- Dublin (Spring Break '08)
- Glasgow (Spring Break '08?)
015: Learn how to knit/crochet sweaters that fit properly
- Almost done with one side
019: Study in the UK
- One term down, 9 to go
092: Reach Gen. 10 in a Sims 'hood and document it in floitsims
- Computer hates me, but if I can get it to work again I'm on Gen. 1 of Westminster Falls
14th-Jan-2008 08:15 pm - Completed #95: Build a Snowman
Date: 01 January 2008
Progress: 15/101

Summary: SNOW! There was snow on the ground the day we (me and Kasey) flew into Cleveland, but it melted within like two days and then got warm. I was torn between being happy that it was warm and being disappointed that there was no snow. Then it snowed a good few inches the day before we left so we played in the snow and built a snowman and had a small snowball fight and went sledding. I've decided I like snow itself, but I'm not a huge fan of getting all dressed for it and I REALLY don't like that whole cold thing. Once a year is good though. There are definitely enough pics for the several scrapbooks they'll have to go in. Including a few of me looking like a prat.
Date: 26 October 2008
Progress: 14/101

Summary: One month in London. More than that really because I go to uni there and will be there for a good 4-5 years. I'll have to see about having pictures, I can't remember if I took any.
Date: 14 January 2008
Progress: 13/101

Summary: Posted 5 bills on wheresgeorge.com and 1 note on findlizzy.co.uk. With any luck they'll get hits after I spend them. Because that'd be hilarious. I have more hope for wheresgeorge than findlizzy simply because you can't write on UK bank notes, but you can write on US dollar bills so I wrote the URL on all the dollars I posted. That and wheresgeorge is more popular than findlizzy. I'm not sure how to scrapbook this one, but if I can find a way I'll do it.
Paris, Dublin, Glasgow: At least Paris and Dublin will be done during Kasey's spring trip to London. Possibly Glasgow, but it depends on time and money.

Things to see in Paris: Eiffel Tower, L'Arc de Triomph, ...I really don't care. It's a city. I'm going because Kasey speaks French and it's close and I feel like I should. Granted, that's kind of why I went to London and I love it there so we'll see.

Things to see in Dublin: I had an entire list of things at one point, but I can't really remember them now. The George definitely. MacDaids because Trudy told me. Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. After that we'll see.
Start Date: 02 Jan 2007

End Date: 29 Sep 2009

023: Change gender to male on passport/state ID or both (preferably one before London '07) [10 September 2007]
031: Start and complete a new adayinmylife [25 July 2007]
062: Finish the Ugly Duckling reworking [12 October 2007]
091: Buy a new laptop [12 September 2007]
098: See RENT on Broadway [15 September 2007]
Bonus: Find a boyfriend. [25 July 2007]

In Progress:
03: Pick 5 cities to visit (02/05)
- Washington, DC (August '07)
- New York City (September '07)
- Paris
- Dublin
- Glasgow
015: Learn how to knit/crochet sweaters that fit properly
019: Study in the UK
- Here. Will consider completed once done with the 0 year.
021: Create a transition scrapbook
046: Spend a month in London
- Two weeks down, two weeks to go (and then another 4 years so really...)
082: Find at least 10 GLBT films I can watch for more than just the hot guys and porn
- Ma Vie En Rose
- Summer Storm
- Trick
092: Reach Gen. 10 in a Sims 'hood and document it in floitsims
- Generation 1.5 (one house Gen 1, one Gen 2) of District of Victoria
Date: 12 October 2007
Progress: 12/101

Summary: It actually ended up taking a different track than I expected. Still doesn't have a title, but it's a cute little story about three little girls who don't quite meet the expectations everyone has for them. I rather like it. I may change a few things around because some of my non-trans friends expected a different outcome. Either way I'm almost ready to start looking for editor/agent/publishers. Which is awesome.
12th-Oct-2007 06:06 am - In Progress - #19: Study in the UK
I'm here. Been to two weeks of classes. I'll consider this one accomplished once I've finished my 0 year.

I have some problems focusing. I may use this journal to keep myself on track by posting weekly updates on how I've been doing. Otherwise I'll slack off and not get anything done like usual.

So. Stuff to do this weekend:

  1. Study for my chem exam (First 20 elements, practicals 1-4)

  2. Review the bio lecture I missed

  3. Start on my bio essay

  4. Review what was supposed to be done in Numeracy this week

  5. Check out what my Wednesday lab assignment is

I think I'll make a list every Sunday then post what of it got done every Saturday.
23rd-Sep-2007 05:24 pm - Completed #98: See RENT on Broadway

Date: 15 September 2007
Progress: 11/101

Summary: Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp.  Need I say more?  They're bloody fucking amazing.  I ADORE them.  Mimi didn't suck (and I rather hate Mimi), Joanne was...bleh.  No one can compare to Traci.  Collins was kinda weird just because he was a spaz.  And his voice totally cracked, it was great.  I liked Benny and Maureen.  Angel was ok, but like Traci, no one can compare to Wilson.

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